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Shiatsu a Toru Namikoshi

Shiatsu a Toru Namikoshi

Congreso Internacional de Shiatsu

Formación Básica Shiatsu

Formación Básica Shiatsu

impartiendo formación Shiatsu Básico en Talaso Atlántico

Puesto Shiatsu

Puesto Shiatsu

Puesto de Shiatsu en una Feria

Dando Shiatsu

Dando Shiatsu

Dando Shiatsu con mi puesto de masajes

Shiatsu Namikoshi

Shiatsu Namikoshi

Dando Shiatsu en suelo en el Congreso internacional

The Workshops are held when the maximum number of people is covered, with a date to be determined. If you are interested in any, you can contact me and I will inform you of everything.

Auto Shiatsu Workshop

Self Shiatsu

Do you want to relieve various bodily discomforts through the self-application of Shiatsu?

In this Workshop  you will learn to use your hands and thumbs to properly massage yourself without the risk of hurting yourself.

We will warm up the body and hands before starting the practice.

We will practice self-treatment for:

  • Headache or heaviness

  • contractures in the trapezius

  • Low Back and Neck Pain

  • Stress

  • Improved concentration

  • Constipation and intestinal disorders

A simple and dynamic workshop, approximately one hour long and you will take notes with visual photographs of the points to be stimulated for each treatment.

tapping workshop

Image group

I invite you to discover the most effective team self-help tool.

In this Workshop you will learn to tap for any type of physical or emotional health problem, for any objective that is difficult for you to achieve, blockage...

This Workshop will focus on working on a problem that you want to solve and an objective that you want to achieve. It is not necessary that you expose it in public, since we will work in a group and each one will have their problem and objective in mind.

Learning this technique is quite a gift, a very liberating and surprising tool that is worth knowing.

Workshop duration approximately one hour.

Self Massage Workshop for Beauty

facial complexion

In this Workshop you will learn Self Massage for various parts of the body, especially for the face.

  • Auto shiatsu to have a smooth complexion

  • Auto shiatsu for wrinkles on the face

  • Auto shiatsu to have a beautiful skin

  • Japanese facial self massage routine

  • Auto shiatsu for stylized and firm arms

  • Auto shiatsu for slim and firm waist

  • Auto shiatsu for tired and swollen legs.

This workshop will last approximately one hour and  you will take notes with visual photographs of the points to be stimulated for each treatment.

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Write me if you want more information about our services and we will clarify all your doubts.

Thank you for your message!

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