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Gift Vouchers

We have several Gift options so you can surprise your loved ones with a unique experience that they will not forget. Various designs to choose from and various treatments.

You can choose :

  • Voucher Shiatsu Massage

  • Vale Kobido - Facelift 

  • ok reiki

  • Vale Ritual Japan (combined Shiatsu and Kobido)


Bonus 5 sessions

If you want to maintain your health and attend your sessions regularly, it is best to purchase the 5-session Bonus, which will save you money and does not expire.


Distance sessions

Is it impossible for you to go to the consultation or do you simply live outside and want to treat yourself the same?

I do an online or telephone interview to focus on what is your problem, objective or ailment that you want to treat and we begin the remote session of Reiki and Tapping.

get a quote

Write me if you want more information about our services and we will clarify all your doubts.

Thank you for your message!

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