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Akira Shiatsu welcomes you

If what you are looking for is to restore physical, mental and emotional health,

this is your site.

You can find various techniques such as:

Shiatsu, Kobido - Japanese Lifting, Reiki, Sotai - comprehensive postural re-education, Tapping, Auriculotherapy, Therapeutic Massage, Seitai, Yuki, katsugen Undo...


About us

Vanesa Rodríguez Fernández

I am Vanesa Rodríguez Fernández, I started in therapies more than 15 years ago and I will briefly summarize my professional career since the beginning of my training.

Quiromassage and Superior Quiromassage in Agama (Galician Academy of Masaxe)

Usui Reiki- Level 1 and 2 (Master Ceferino Prieto Casal, Vigo)

Basic Shiatsu Zen Course (Xiyun Center- Santiago de Compostela)

Aqua-relax and Watsu course (Iaka School, Pambre River Spa)

Shiatsu and Sotai Course - Complete three-year training (Shiatsu and Sotai Institute - Shiatsu Yasuragi, Madrid)

Auriculotherapy Course (Long Dan Acupuncture Center, Madrid)

Japanese Facial Massage Course - Kobido (Shiatsu Yasuragi, Madrid)

Tapping Course (With Cipriano Toledo)

Currently studying Unified Kinesiology training (IEKU- European Institute of Unified Kinesiology, Cangas)

Since the beginning of my professional career, I have developed working on my own and collaborating in various centers in Ponteareas, Boiro, Vilagarcía de Arousa and Pontevedra. Currently ,my office is in Vigoand every Monday afternoon I consult in Pontevedra- Centro Loto Yoga Gestalt.

I have given a basic training in Shiatsu  of 30 hours duration for the staff of the Hotel&Spa Talaso Atlántico, Oia.

I have worked as an Extra Masseur Spa staff at the Hotel Nagari for three years in Vigo.

I continue in constant training and working on my own with the aim of expanding and publicizing the therapeutic benefits of Shiatsu and the other techniques that I practice with the purpose of integrating them into the society  in which we live with total normality and without it sounding strange or unknown that a person is going to treat their injuries, physical, emotional ailments, etc., with oriental therapy.

César Pérez García

Seitai Training and Emotional Guidance


More than 20 years of experience in Teaching Work and Therapeutic Support.

Unconditional follower of the work of Master Haruchica Noguchi and the Japanese Health Culture  SEITAYo inspired by publications such as Bruce Lipton, Jean Pierre Garnié and Robert Lanza.

With a self-taught profile, I attend different courses, workshops and seminars for Holistic training at Technical Levels.

Superior and perfectI feel.

Silva Method (Mind control training)

Seitai (Pilar Álvarez - Plantis Therapy)

Basic Shiatsu (Xiyun Center - Chinese Medicine)

Reiki Mastery (Eckard Strohm)

Seitai Intensive (Katsumi Mamine)

Family Systemic (Robert Alnet, Peter Bourquin, Brigitte Champettier, Vedanta Suravi, David Hidalgo, Enrique Cádenes - CUAM University Center for Medical Alternatives)

Dr. David Hidalgo and Enrique Cárdenes - Integrative Emotional Recoding

Higher Technician Integral Biomagnetism

Family Constellations and NLP, Family and Organizational Systemic

Training with Svagito Liebermeister and Vedanta Suravi:

Family Constellations 1

Family Constellations 2

Family Constellations and Trauma

Eastern diagnosis of emotions (Shiatsu Yasuragi)

Sotai Level 3 Superior, Cranial Sacral Osteopathy (Shiatsu Yasuragi)

Applied Kinesiology and Vertebral Mobilizations (Shiatsu Yasuragi)

Kinesence Retreat - Emotional Kinesiology / Changing patterns (IEKUEuropean Institute of Unified Kinesiology)

Currently, I continue training in Unified Kinesiology (IEKU - European Institute of Unified Kinesiology)

Shiatsu en tatami
Shiatsu zona interescapular
shiatsu espalda
Shiatsu abdomen
Shiatsu esternón


Shiatsu for Pregnancy

Shiatsu is a treatment of Japanese origin that by applying regulated pressure with the thumbs and the palm of the hands  at certain points of the body, maintains and improves health, alleviates various diseases, corrects bodily irregularities and reactivates the body's self-healing capacity.

It has no side effects.

Indicated for:

Stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, low back pain, back pain, neck pain, herniated disc, scoliosis, menstrual disorders, colitis, constipation, fibromyalgia, headaches, migraines, headaches, neuralgia, frozen shoulder, tendinitis, sprains, calf cramps, during pregnancy, postpartum rebalancing....


Shiatsu is like mother's love, the pressure on the body stimulates the source of life.

Tokujiro Namikoshi 

Shiatsu during pregnancy helps prevent typical problems such as nausea, back pain, sciatica, insomnia, edema and leg cramps, constipation and digestive disorders. Not only does it help on the physical plane, it also helps to deal with fluctuating moods, so frequent in this state, uncertainty, fear...

Shiatsu is a great stimulator of the baby's sensory development, it acts by increasing body awareness and creating a space of connection with their emotions and with the baby.

It can also help the baby to turn, in case he is presenting in the breech position.

Therapeutic massage

The Japanese facial massage, called lifting without surgery, is a deep massage that works the subcutaneous muscles, improves blood transport, eliminates toxins, oxygenates the tissues of the face and neck, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, in addition to mitigating acne. , hide pigmentation spots...

Work the facial tsubos

(acupuncture points)

managing to activate the nerves of that area and balance the energy flow.

The result is luminous, radiant skin, toned and hydrated facial muscles and neck, rejuvenates, delays the aging process, beautifies and produces a rested face effect, without stress features.

Indicated for:

Headaches, bruxism, eyestrain, stress, to beautify and improve the quality of the skin, hydrate, nourish, tone, smooth expression lines, enhance the oval of the face...


This technique originating from Traditional Chinese Medicine, is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases through energy points located in the auricular pavilion. Each organ of the body has a point located in the ear, there are reflex points for each area of the body. Needles, magnets, herbal seeds can be used... It is a very effective complementary technique for various disorders.

It is especially beneficial for anxiety, losing weight, addictions, various ailments...

Relaxing massage with oil that helps improve circulation and stimulates the release of endorphins. It makes muscles flexible, helps to combat stress and is very sedative. With manual techniques such as digital kneading, knuckles, soft emptying to promote venous return and gentle pressure.

Indicated to improve skin condition, relieve headaches and muscle pain, improve circulation and reduce stress.

The Sotai Method _ Comprehensive postural re-education, originally from Japan and which is based on improving muscle and joint synchronization through passive rotations and very simple exercises for any problem of the locomotor system. It also improves blood circulation, regulates blood pressure, increases appetite in people with this problem, generally improves all physiological systems, improves posture, generates a change in muscle tone, the discrepancy in the length of the legs disappears, height increase...

The Sotai exercises are applied without pain and applied regularly   improves and maintains health.

It has no side effects. It is indicated for all types of problems of all physiological systems.

20230901_220320 (3).jpg

It is an emotional release technique based on Asian acupressure. It involves hitting specific points on different parts of the body while concentrating on a problem you want to solve, and you can also work with a goal you want to achieve. 

This therapy is recognized by the WHO to treat emotional disorders, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and chronic pain.

Reiki originating in Japan is a holistic treatment that is based on the channeling of universal energy through the imposition of hands on various areas of the body, in order to balance, restore harmony of body and mind, heal and alleviate physical ailments. and emotional.

Indicated for all kinds of physical and emotional problems, it has no side effects.

Regulated Body, Organism in Order, initially included within the Japanese Therapies of traditional manipulation, became recognized by the Ministry of Education of Japan as the Japanese Culture of Health.Seitai is a life training that arises from inspiration and deep breathing, mindfulness and inner dialogue.The practice of SeitaI through Yuki and Katsugen Undo discovers the spontaneous intelligence of your body. If something is not coordinated in a natural and harmonious way you feel that you are outside of yourself. The feeling of understanding that the mind is born in the body allows us a real reading of each physical and emotional situation.

Katsugen Undo
download (1).jpg
Emotional Orientation

It is a unique method, a very comfortable exercise, something like self-adjustment of the body, automatic yoga or meditation in movement.

An intuitive gymnastics that allows us to recover total normality of body movements to breathe better.

A regenerative movement for functional recovery, which frees you from excesses and overload of stress, anxiety, back pain, head pain, stomach pain and tension...the origin of various pathologies or diseases.

Individual and Group Session.

Communication and accompaniment with the hands. We talk about Yuki when someone puts their hands on the part of the body that needs it, identifying if that area breathes, is hot, cold, numb, hard, soft, tense...By accompanying the area of the body that has lost sensitivity with our hands, we recover functional balance, physiological coordination, range of movement and vitality. We feel how everything begins to react, recovering inner calm, returning the most harmonious participation of our being..

Individual session

Some low-frequency emotional states cause stress, weakness and lack of motivation, affecting the psyche. When we feed on toxic information, emotional responsiveness and energy decrease. Emotions such as sadness, disappointment, discomfort, disappointment, leave an imprint on the body. From the Eastern vision through your Ikigai and other Japanese health habits, we design your personalized method of emotional management. A universe of alternatives to enjoy an easier life.


Individual Session.


contact us

Akira Shiatsu

Rúa Urzaiz 59, Office 7 Mezzanine, 36201, Vigo.
 Vanesa Rodríguez - Phone: 661 178 715
César Pérez - Phone: 633 218 881



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